An aristocratic & Business acumen family from RAJASTHAN has started and governs the companies of  GALAXY  Group with all key positions retained by the family itself. Unlike other traditional Indian business families, young blood with sound professional, technical & educational qualification has been provided full control over the entire business. This is perhaps the basic reason for such tremendous growth of the organization within a short time span in a market full of cutthroat competition. With it’s inception in February 1995 the organization had one single & clear insight. “To build self reliant infrastructure for steady & speedy growth with mutual understanding & Corporation; Keeping in view the all round interests of all the constituent companies. The Group's core activity is the mining, processing and trade of stone and industrial minerals . Utilizing the multiple properties of stone & industrial minerals, Galaxy Mines & Minerals  through its portfolio of specialty minerals, converts natural resources to customized value-adding industrial solutions for a broad range of applications. In the industrial minerals sector, which amounts to more than three quarters of the Group's turnover, Galaxy Group  possesses extensive reserves and significant market shares worldwide for its main products (Sand stone , slate, Lime stone, Sodium and Potassium Feldspar ,Quartz Bentonite, casting fluxes and specialty minerals).