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Galaxy Group is established in 1995 as industrial minerals exporter and mine owner in India for export of minerals like sodium feldspar, potassium feldspar, quartz, etc. Galaxy Group is capable to fulfill the customer need with high-quality material utilized widely in manufacturing industries as per their specification & other requirements.

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GALAXY Group, is a prominent Industrial minerals supplier pioneered by aristocratic & Business acumen family from RAJASTHAN who governs the company with all key positions retained by the family itself. Unlike other traditional Indian business families, young blood with sound professional, technical & educational qualification has been provided full control over the entire business. This is perhaps the basic reason for such tremendous growth of the organization within a short time span in a market full of cut throat competition.

The main aim of GALAXY Group is “To build self reliant infrastructure for steady & speedy growth with mutual understanding & Corporation; Keeping in view the all round interests of all the constituent companies. The Group’s has redefined quality and performance standards with effectual results and award winning consistency.

GALAXY Group is led by experienced professionals with extensive experience in this field and a broad range of skills in the mineral exploration. The team’s skills, knowledge and experience encompass all aspects, ranging from project generation and early-stage exploration to feasibility studies and these skills are supplemented by a deep knowledge of the mineral potential of various region.

In the industrial minerals sector, which amounts to more than three quarters of the Group’s turnover, Galaxy Group possesses extensive reserves and significant market shares worldwide for its main products specialty minerals. We are led by accomplished and driven management and directors whose decades of multi-faceted experience combine to provide strong strategic direction for the company. Our team is united in working toward realizing Galaxy’s vision.

We are proud owners of various mines allocated in India, and possess state of the art manufacturing and processing units for high quality finished products. We pride ourselves on offering the largest reliable distribution network across our partners, and the provide the local support and flexibility needed to service our client’s growing needs, as well as the resources to cover even our smaller orders. This is all done to create trustworthy and reliable trade relations and continuous growth for all our partners.

The ultimate goal of GALAXY Group is to be one of the biggest suppliers for minerals, innovating and leading the way to future of industrial minerals. We strive to reach a point where the manufacturers across the globe can rely on us for their entire raw material need. The dream is to reach on top, but not alone, but with customers and stakeholders, with the help of them, through them and along with them.

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